USBC Identity Caucus Interest Form

Thank you for being so interested in participating in an Identity Caucus (IC).
IC's are safe spaces for members of a broad and diverse community to establish and nurture connections with people who have a shared identity. Although we are all working to advance equity in the First Food field, sometimes you just need a soft space to land and strategize with folx who get you and understand your struggle. USBC has hosted ICs at our in-person and virtual conferences for several years, and we have overwhelmingly positive feedback about these safe spaces.

The Latinx and Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian
groups have maintained their connections outside the conference space, and we hope to support other ICs in sustaining relationships.
Please share some information about yourself so we can connect you to the existing ICs and figure out who will be the vanguard members of the other groups.

Thank you,
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